In-Demand Freelance Skills 2022

Freelancing is no longer primarily thought of as a “side business” or a means of financial assistance while unemployed. Now that technology has advanced, you can work from home full-time! Over 57 million people in the US alone have already made the leap to self-employment due to technology and easy access to the internet, which make it simple to find online work. With the potential for a better work-life balance, much higher compensation, and greater job satisfaction, the number of independent specialists will only rise.

Even though freelancing seems appealing, you should first decide what occupation best suits you before quitting your regular employment. In order for you to find your ideal freelance position right away, we looked into every available freelancing position and compiled a list of the top in-demand abilities.

Develop Mobile Applications

Developers are in high demand for both iOS and Android apps. According to App Annie’s 2019 report, app stores saw over 200 billion downloads in just one year, and users together spent $120 billion on applications and in-app purchases. It is not unexpected that businesses are concentrating their efforts on promoting their services through mobile apps given that individuals use their phones for more than 3 hours every day on average.

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Mobile app developers now have a fantastic opportunity to make the most of their skills and abilities. To design, create, and test their mobile and tablet apps, businesses are continuously looking for new freelancers. You may continue to support yourself as a freelance mobile developer for as long as phones are a necessary component of daily life because this demand isn’t going away any time soon.

Where Are the Skills Learnable?
The majority of iOS apps use the Swift programming language, whereas Android apps are made in Java or C++, therefore creating mobile apps takes very specific coding expertise. Given this information, you can decide whether to master both languages or only one in order to become an expert in both mobile operating systems. Enroll in the Shaw Academy course, which covers all facets of app-building, if you’re unsure which language is best for you, and see what piques your interest.

Web Services from Amazon

The largest cloud storage provider is AWS, which is utilised by a number of well-known corporations, including Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack. In fact, according to The Verge, 60% of the internet would still be accessible if all the content kept on AWS were blocked. Sadly, the cloud storage system is vulnerable to hacker assaults and other technical difficulties. Every time it goes down, it feels as though practically half of the internet is destroyed.

As an AWS Architect, you can choose between two career routes. To ensure minimal system downtime, you’ll either work directly for Amazon or offer cloud management services to a variety of businesses that utilise Amazon’s online storage. Even if the annual income is very high, it’s doubtful that one company will hire you on full-time, therefore you should focus on growing your clientele and setting a fixed monthly rate.

Where Are the Skills Learnable?
You can take a variety of online courses on the AWS website that will advance you from cloud storage newbie to expert. You will ultimately need to pass a certification exam in order to receive an official certification if you complete all the processes on the website.

Machine intelligence

You’re in luck if you’re fascinated with machine learning, how machines work, and how they relate to people. A third of firms are declaring their ambitions to develop AI, and according to LinkedIn data, AI roles make up the bulk of the top emerging positions for 2020.

Although about half of all companies already employ some kind of machine learning, AI is still a relatively new idea that will likely develop over time. Each algorithm and line of code is created with a real-life problem in mind because the majority of AI is utilised to simplify daily life. Given the breadth of the field, each expert must be able to design algorithms, develop completely functional robots, programme voice or facial recognition software, and more.

If you decide to pursue a freelance career in AI, you’ll be able to design your own scripts for home automation systems like Alexa or Google Home in addition to working with high-end businesses. Then, you may increase your revenue by offering them for sale on the Google Home app or Amazon Alexa shop.

Where Are the Skills Learnable?

You must excel at solving challenging mathematical puzzles, have a solid comprehension of diverse computer science concepts, and have a strong grasp of algorithms if you want to specialise in artificial intelligence. You can start your adventure with AI with the help of a variety of courses offered by Udemy, but you shouldn’t stop there. To attract (and keep) clients in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, you must stay current on all news and technological advancements. Despite being expensive, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

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