Download 3D My Name Live Wallpaper App

A 3D name Live Wallpaper is free software with customised live wallpaper that can be used on both home and lock screens. You can select from a variety of letters that have been creatively and uniquely created on the screen in a stunning and amazing style. It’s possible to use this animated wallpaper on any gadget or smartphone.

To create name wallpapers with the best 3D fonts and patterns, use the Name Art Wallpaper Maker. Create a magnificent your name art wallpaper by customising the font, colour, and style. Design and embellish your name wallpaper art, and enable unique name art customisation.

A fantastic editor for names art, the free name art wallpaper designer produces elegant names and lovely wallpapers without cost. Our name art wallpaper software is ideal if you wish to write your own or a loved one’s name in elegant and fantastical styles.

Art name To add your name signature, create a name in an artistic style. You may style and beautify text you write using a lovely name art editor. Make your own, distinctive post by creating name art. A custom name art piece including gorgeous fonts has been made for you.

How Do You Use The Name Art Wallpaper Maker?

Enter any text you’d like to write, such as your name or the name of a loved one. Then, choose a font style and a colour. Then, choose from a variety of gradients to add colour to your name art. Finally, use 3D name fonts with x and y position options. Finally, share your name art wallpaper on social media.
You may put your name, essential notes, the name of your favourite team, reminders, or any other message you want to have shown on your screen with this fantastic programme, and it does it with very little resource usage and battery utilisation.

How to use (Use Instructions):

– To edit the text that will be displayed, click the pencil icon at the top of the main screen or choose “Edit the text to be displayed” from the settings menu.
– By just double-clicking on the main screen or the “Select font” option in the settings menu, you may quickly and easily select the font style you want.
– From the options menu, you can choose whether the live wallpaper should appear on the home screen only or both the home screen and the lock screen.

Through the settings menu, the application can be further customised:

Choose a font, then edit the text, name, or message that will be shown. You can add speech or sound messages and store screen material in video format. Using programmes like WhatsApp, you may send the films to anybody you like.
Change the 3D effect’s pace


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